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2013will be a good year for me because 13 is my lucky number

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2013will be a good year for me because 13 is my lucky number


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Christine M. Hannon, Author, Artist and Poet

Boy, it is hard to believe another year is almost gone. I swear they go by faster every year. I must apologize for this late posting but God decided he needed a few more Angels this week and took two of ours home. I know it is not any more devastating this time of year than any other but it just seems to be. There are so many other stresses already in our lives. Oh! to be children once again just for the Christmas season so things would be so much simpler. So that those that cannot afford the expensive advertised – overly advertised expensive items all kids want won’t stress trying to find away to buy them. Instead we should concentrate of the meaning of Christmas. I would love to see a birthday card for Jesus not an advertisement for an expensive toy.

So I apologize for not thanking my…

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Short Little Rebel


UPDATE to this story:

It’s very difficult for me to write this update because what has happened to this article is rather unbelievable.  But it has happened to one other article I have written as well (Who Is Rupert Murdoch & Who Controls the News?).   That article had all its images, charts and photos of the owners removed- luckily I found a computer copy and reinstated it.    This articlehas also been changed dramatically since I originally wrote it in 2012.  The original article had a blow by blow analysis of all the events that unfolded on the day Adam Lanza allegedly shot children at Sandy Hook Elementary School- from when it was first reported in the news until the official Sandy Hook Police report was released months afterward.  (please note that this ‘new’ version of my alleged story fails to even address the official…

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Hollywood Life

Who knew the First Dog could have a Hollywood career like Uggie’s? Bo shows off admirable acting chops in this White House-released Christmas video — watch!

Bo Obama, now we know why you truly are the First Dog. Check out Bo’s festive video tour of the White House’s new Christmas decorations.

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Happy Birthday Peanut!

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Happy Birthday Peanut!.

via Happy Birthday Peanut!.

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Susie Lindau's Wild Ride

Are you feeling it yet? That creepy spine tingling shiver that crawls up your back leaving your little hairs all electrified? Are you seeing shadowy figures in the dark corners of your house? Do they vanish as you gasp while swinging around towards the entity? Well, I am here to get you in the mood. For what? HALLOWEEN!

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i,win is here https://www.createspace.com/3931867

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i,win is here

CreateSpace aka Amazon.com please welcome your newest book I WIN by Author Win K Charles as of tomorrow am yahoo

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CreateSpace aka Amazon.com please welcome your newest book I WIN by Author Win K Charles as of tomorrow am yahoo

Why Your Twenties Matter

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